Monday, February 19, 2007

Top Tips for Acrylic Paints – Number 5

The fast drying of acrylic paints can mean that a lot of paint is wasted when it dries on your palette.

The way to avoid this is to use a Reservoir Palette. You can either buy or make up a reservoir palette. (Making your own palette is described in the Acrylic Painting Course.)

A reservoir palette has a damp reservoir topped with a paper palette for mixing the paints on. The reservoir keeps the paints damp and stops them from drying out during your painting session.

At the end of your painting session you cover the reservoir palette and the paints will stay wet. That means when you want to continue your painting you can still use the paints from the previous painting session that have been kept damp on the palette.

I find that the paints will keep well for a couple of weeks however I keep my palette in a cupboard in between uses. Don’t leave it out in the sunshine!

A reservoir palette is a good economy measure. Also any colours that you’ve mixed will still be useable when you go back to continue the painting.

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